Woo-Woo World
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On the heels of my Summer of Linda, the travel bug bit me again. This time, I drove to Sedona, AZ, for a three-day vacay with JB and DB, two women I met 36 years ago when, armed with a master’s degree and a can-do attitude, I jumped onto the corporate hamster wheel. Back then […]

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Socially Unconscious
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In a phone call with my DD, darling daughter, this morning, we talk about her work, our upcoming Christmas trip to the beach and the comings and goings of her busy family, including my three grandbabies. My oldest grandchild is a six-year-old girl I’ll call Wee for the blog, and the younger two are boys, […]
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match.wtf–part deux
I wish I had all the answers and could offer the last word about dating over the age of 50–sadly, I don’t have answers, only questions. As a member of match.com, do I really know who’s attached to the smiling faces accompanying earnest emails with promises of home-cooked meals, foot massages and first-class travel around […]
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